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When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

09 August 2022 last updated at 15:02 0 Comments

It is magical for Bhutan to offer something special to its visitors in different seasons. But speaking of the best time to visit Bhutan, the spring months of March to May and autumn months of September to November can be considered as the best options.

The temperature from March to May is mild and comfortable for tourists to have a great journey in Bhutan. It is the springtime when tourists can get the chance to see the vibrant valleys with flowers in bloom. And some festivals that all tourists expect to attend will be held on those good days.

Bhutan in SpringBhutan in Spring

Besides, the months from September to November will see less rainfall and clear skies. With the moderate temperature during this time, tourists can also have a good Bhutan tour if they choose to visit this country in autumn.

However, Bhutan is full of surprises all year round because of its unique topographic features and distinctive seasonal changes. And its three regions own different climate conditions. The northern region of Bhutan remains cold all the time because of its permanent snow, glaciers, and snow-capped peaks. The central region has so many valleys of different heights, which makes it very ideal for tourists to travel with dry summers and cool winters. The southern region has a sub-tropical climate with vast tracts of subtropical forest and grasslands.

Bhutan welcomes all kinds of tourists with its amazing landscapes and rich sacred Buddhist sites. Whether you are nature lovers, adventurists, culture admirers, or wildlife enthusiasts, this country will be able to meet all your needs depending on the time you arrive.

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