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Bhutan Culture

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Bhutan is a small but mysterious country in this world. It is rich in culture and its ancient cultural traditions have been well preserved, which makes a good reason for lots of tourists to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan and explore this land deeply. A cultural tour in Bhutan will be unique, profound and memorable.

Bhutan's Language

Bhutan's languages vary greatly in localities and there are around 20 dialects that are spoken in Bhutan. It is mainly because of the complex topography, long-standing inaccessibility, as well as socioeconomic and cultural backwardness in Bhutan. Four major languages are widely spoken in this country: Dzongkha, Sharchop, Lhotsam, and English. In 1986, Dzongkha was adopted as the national language, which help the whole nation to understand each other easily.

Bhutan's Religion

Bhutan is a religious country. You cannot imagine how important religion is to their lives until you come to this land. Bhutanese practice Buddhism, the religion that was introduced in the 7th century. Although around 75% of the population practices Buddhism, Hinduism is practiced in the south. Bhutanese will hold festivals and some historical events to keep their religious traditions alive.

Awesome Festival in BhutanAwesome Festival in Bhutan

Bhutan's Festivals

The most important Bhutanese festival is Tshechu. It is grandly held annually in various monasteries, dzongs of Bhutan to honor the Guru Rinpoche who brought Tantric Buddhism to Bhutan in the 8th century. For local people, it is a chance for them to gather together, dress in their best dresses, and receive blessings. The most popular Tshechus in this country are the Paro Tshechu and the Thimphu Tshechu.

Bhutan's Costumes

Bhutanese men wear "Gho" and women wear "Kira". Gho is a knee-length robe tied by a traditional belt known as Kera at the waist. This kind of robe usually has white cuffs. Kira is an ankle-length dress. Women will usually dress it with a light outer jacket. When visiting Dzongs and other administrative centers, Bhutanese people will wear long scarves that will signify their status or rank by different colors.

Bhutan Royal Family CostumsBhutan Royal Family Costums

Bhutan's Etiquette

1. When you visit religious places like Dzongs, monasteries or temples, you should always dress properly and neatly and remove your shoes before entering. And it is usually prohibited to take photos inside.
2. Don't make negative comments or show disrespect about Buddha statues, religious objects, and the royal family.
3. If you are going to photograph someone, ask for permission first.
4. Don't enter any temples or monasteries without permission.
5. As the head is considered the most sacred part of the human body, it is not allowed to touch the head of a Bhutanese. Besides, it is very rude to put your feet in front of others or point at others with your feet in Bhutan.

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