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Climate & Weather in Bhutan

19 June 2022 last updated at 14:06 0 Comments

Bhutan is a small but beautiful country located in the southern Himalayas. With a very complicated topography, a large span from the north to the south, and the influence of the Indian ocean that brings too much moisture, Bhutan's climate varies greatly. But the climate of Bhutan can be simply concluded as subtropical.

Bhutan in SpringBhutan in Spring

Most areas in Bhutan are humid and rainy all the time. And the subtropical climate allows this country to feature distinct four seasons. And because of the huge difference of the altitude also changes the climate in this country. In the northern part with high altitude, the climate is alpine and the temperature is low, which is the reason that very few tourists will come here to take risks. The central part of Bhutan is very inhabitable and suitable for people to visit all year round. The hot southern area in this country is rainy and humid with heavy precipitation.

Bhutan in AutumnBhutan in Autumn

Dry spring in Bhutan starts in early March and ends at the end of May. The temperature during this time will be from 17 to 22 degrees, very comfortable for tourists with beautiful flowers and birds. From June to the middle of September is the summer in Bhutan. The rains are usually heavy in this monsoon season with the temperature varying between 20 and 30 degrees. But it will be cool in the evening. Autumn, from late September to late November, offers bright and sunny days to tourists to enjoy this beautiful country. The temperature in this season will be between 15 to 20 degrees. Starting from late November to March, Winter in Bhutan can be very cold. There are frost over most of the country and snowfalls at altitudes above 3,000 meters.

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