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Welcome to, the largest online travel agency in the Himalayas area! We offer many choices of holiday plans assisting you to explore unique beauty of the Himalayas area.

We have several local tour operators in Chengdu and Lhasa of mainland China, Kathmandu of Nepal, Paro of Bhutan, Islamabad of Pakistan and New Delhi of India.

Why Choose US?

1. Competitive Price

Big savings on vehicles, hotels, tickets and tour packages because of the large groups of our clients to bring down the tour operating cost.

Massive discount on early-bird booking but meanwhile enjoying the same service.

2. Responsible Travel

Use local experienced drivers & professional tour guides to offer more jobs for locals and support sustainable local tourism development.

Join in wonderful tour activities but only leave the footprint in the Himalayas area as eco-travel supporters.  

3. Top Service Experience

Provide one-stop 24/7 professional 1-on-1 customer services; Reply to your inquiry within 24 hours from our trained travel experts.

Showcase the Himalayan scenery, culture, history with NO commission-based shopping stops.

4. Best Tour Plans

We aim to give you a perfect vacation, with well-arranged schedules and highlight attractions all your way.

All of our Himalaya tours are designed by real travel experts and local tour guide.

Some of Our Clients' Photos

Clients at EBC
Clients at EBC
Client at Sera Monastery
Client at Sera Monastery
Clients at Potala Palace
Clients at Potala Palace

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